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Ashes & Diamonds Winery

Ashes & Diamonds Winery

Our interest was sparked about Ashes & Diamonds because of how much hype there was surrounding the new Napa spot. After visiting, we realized the reason for the hype is two-fold. One - this is a new kind of Napa tasting room. It’s not a grandiose winery with fake castles on a huge estate with room for hundreds of visitors (not that those are bad, but it was interesting to see something different!). This is a modern and minimalist building, with a very California-style indoor/outdoor blend of tasting areas and midcentury modern decor. The other reason for the hype is their approach to winemaking. Their goal was to return to the style of winemaking in the 1960s/1970s in Napa (hence the midcentury modern vibes!). Their aesthetic could initially come off as trendy, but in reality it’s true to form reflecting the era of wines they make.


We’re always excited to see where a wine tasting will go when we arrive and receive a class of rosé to enjoy on the walk to the table. We were seated outside and shortly after we arrived, we were treated to THE best focaccia bread & salted butter we’ve ever had (made in house!). Needless to say, good bread and wine is the key to our hearts.


After we devoured the bread, we read through the menu and realized we were getting to taste through 7 other wines. Industry standard is more in the 4-5 range, so this was also a treat.


We could have sat on their patio, learning their story from their warm staff all day. Ashes & Diamonds has the perfect balance of modern & old-school. If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy the golden hour on a patio in wine country, you’ve found it.

Ashes & Diamonds
4130 Howard Lane
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 666-4777

Hours: 11am - 7pm daily

Tasting fee: $40
Hot tips: Call to make a reservation. Sit on the patio. Make it your last stop - they’re open late until 7pm.

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