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Belden Barns

Walking up to Belden Barns feels like you have just discovered a hidden treasure within wine country - and that is exactly what it is. After following the little chalkboard sign leaning up against a red wagon, you arrive at the barn, er, tasting room, and meet The Beldens - husband and wife team Nate and Lauren and their adorable kiddos Olivia and Milo. On our visit, we tasted seven absolutely incredible wines and talked with The Beldens about how each came to be, stories of their family and how Belden Barns became their full-time business. 


Nate had the dream of being a farmer while working his corporate job in San Francisco and the training to be a winemaker, while Lauren is the storyteller and has final say on all of the wines (ask her about her favorite Sauvignon Blanc).

After tasting and hearing tons of stories, we walked down to the Wishing Tree to hang our wishes. The Beldens give you a “wish card” (same design as their wine label!) and you’re able to put your wish onto their tree that they swear has magical powers. Seeing the wishes of others who had visited was as much of a treat as hanging our own.


Every wine bottle is corked with the “Wish Big” inscription on them, which is exactly how we found this beautiful place. After enjoying a bottle of their sparkling wine at one of our favorite wine bars - The Riddler in San Francisco - we noticed how cute the cork and story behind it was, and knew it was a place we absolutely had to visit. Tastings here are currently free and you’re able to bring a picnic to enjoy (which we took full advantage of - snack inspiration shout out to the Forest Feast). 


By the time our visit was over, we felt like we were part of the Belden family and immediately started brainstorming how we could experience more of the magic that is Belden Barns (seriously, check our our photo grid! we even spotted an owl in the barn!). Everyone in our group recalled the visit as being an experience of a lifetime. It's extraordinary to meet such nice people in a warm space and learn about how much sincere thought was put behind each piece of their business. We truly look forward to witnessing the exciting updates to come at this special space. With a full new tasting room, cheese production and gardens on the horizon there are so many great experiences in the future on Sonoma Mountain. 

Belden Barns
5561 Sonoma Mountain Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(415) 577-8552

Hours: Open upon appointment

Tasting fee: Free
Hot Tips: Bring a picnic. Don't wear heels. Wish big.

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